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Dewhot 20L Gas Geyser Fan Forced Room Sealed LPG (RS20DH)

Dewhot 20L Gas Geyser Fan Forced Room Sealed LPG (RS20DH)

The cutting edge 20L Gas Geyser Fan Forced Room Sealed is one of the safest and most efficient gas water heaters on the market. This gas water heater is equipped with many unique features and is constructed out of high-quality components. Versatile and compact, the 20L gas geyser can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Indoor 20L Gas Geyser (can be used outdoors)
Multiple-use application Gas Geyser (run multiple outlets simultaneously)
Shipped with a Free Large Solid Flue



Install indoors or outdoors
For indoor installations you need a flue (RS20 standard or compact)
For outdoor installations you need a flue and a cover (weather box)

  • Features

    • Heavy duty copper radiator
    • 88% energy efficiency
    • Can be installed in confined and unventilated spaces
    • Wind resistant burner
    • Pressure Relief Protection (to function effectively, the valve must be set to your water pressure)
    • Touch button temperature control
    • Compatible with mixer taps
    • Ensures constant temperature when multiple outlets are used simultaneously
    • Compact design with a brushed aluminum cover
    • Flame failure safety device
    • Inverter compatible
  • Technical Specifications

    Max gas pressure

    Max gas consumption
    2.9 kg / hour

    Rated heat Input

    Rated electric power

    IP rate

    Water pressure
    25-500 kPa

    Water Output (min/max)
    2.5L - 20L / min

    Unit weight
    17.2 Kg

    Packaged weight
    18.7 kg

    Unit size
    575 x 365 x 133 mm (+200 for flue)

    Packaged size
    740 x 430 x 220mm

    Rated voltage

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